Beretta PX4 Storm

The new Beretta Px4 Storm pistol is not only the best example of the semiautomatic sidearm concept, but it is also a perfect manifestation of advanced technology and aesthetics.
The Px4 Storm lines have been conceived to compliment the power, ease of handling, performance and reliability of the pistol matched with an original and sought-after design.
Manufactured in many calibers, the new Px4 Storm adopts the locked-breech locking system with a rotating barrel, which has been revised and considerably improved by Beretta.The overall dimensions are significantly reduced, considering its major firepower.
The light yet resistant pistol frame has been created applying the most modern thermoplastic technology, using reinforced fiberglass technopolymer.
Modular structure, ergonomics and interchangeability of parts place the Px4 Storm among the leading pistols for personal defense as well as law-enforcement use.


The extensive use of reinforced fiberglass technopolymer has allowed the development of a light and technically advanced firearm with a modern line that is extremely attractive and ergonomic.
The technopolymer is also completely resistant to corrosion and guarantees color consistency for years to come. The rounded surfaces of the pistol are truly snag-free and facilitate the insertion and the extraction of the pistol from the holster. Also the trigger guard is rounded to ensure, when firing with two hands, the correct position of the supporting hand. In front of the trigger guard, underneath the barrel, a Picatinny rail (MIL Std 1913) is located. Integral to the frame, it allows the mounting of laser devices, flash lighters or other types of accessories.

The correct grip angle allows for instinctive aiming of the firearm, automatically providing the line of sight. The rear upper part of the grip is curved and slightly recessed to snugly accommodate and protect the shooter’s hand. Both the front and the rear part of the grip boast a comfortable scaled surface that, not only has great aesthetic impact, but considerably improves grip, even in moist conditions. In addition, the pistol may be adapted for different hand sizes, even small hands, thanks to a new patented system that allows the interchangeability of the back-straps by thickness and configuration: in addition to the standard back-strap (medium), a slim back-strap is also available for small hands as well as an oversized one for large hands.

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